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Spicy Summer Sale Final Day
Spicy Summer Sale Final Day
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No Sriracha, No Problem - Heat

No Sriracha, No Problem

Huy Fong, the popular Siriracha sauce maker has announced they will be pausing production until September. While Sriracha enthusiasts might be experiencing major FOMO, the supply chain issue actually presents an opportunity for you to try a new small-batch sauce that will give you the flavor and kick you crave.

Why Did Huy Fong Stop Production?

Supply chain issues with the company’s pepper source forced Huy Fong to stop production until the peppers can be delivered. This has happened before, as a result of Huy Fong's dramatic falling out with their former sole pepper supplier Underwood Farms. The end of this long term partnership left the company vulnerable to disruptions as they build out a new supply chain.

As Jordan Wiklund wrote in his recent article for The Food Institute, “Chile peppers are labor-intensive to pick, and the heat and flavor varies depending on conditions and how ripe the peppers are off the vine. Scorching winter temperatures from El Nińo and dry conditions caused many of the peppers to stop ripening, effectively threatening Huy Fong’s market-leading product.” 

What Can Replace Huy Fong?

While Huy Fong is a ubiquitous name in Sriracha, there are other sauces out there that can give hotheads the same heat and flavor profile. Here are some of the sauces you should try until production resumes in September:

Char Man Sriracha 

Featuring plenty of garlic, Char Man has created a fantastic Sriracha sauce that will be the closest in flavor profile to Hong Fuy. 

Lucky Dog Red Label

A balanced sauce that brings the heat but also has the sweetness that Thai chile sauce fans will love.

Dawson’s Original Hot

A creamier texture than the other sauces on this list, Dawson’s incorporates habanero into their blend to sweeten the mix.

Burns & McCoy Sriracha

A classic Sriracha sauce that adds a unique smoky flavor. Burns & McCoy put their twist on this sauce giving it a unique finish.

Yellowbird Blue Agave Sriracha

Organic blue agave gives this Sriracha its sweetness, while the red chiles provide the heat. Yellowbird also adds a hint of lime which is another unique spin.

While many are bummed about Huy Fong, looking at the hot sauce bottle as half full gives us the opportunity to try new sauces. And speaking of new sauces, don’t forget to sign up for our Hot Sauce of The Month Club, which was recently featured in Brite Wish’s best Father’s Day gift guide.

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