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Spicy Summer Sale Final Day
Spicy Summer Sale Final Day
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Get A Printable Gift Note To Give Right Away
Spicy Summer Sale - Heat

Spicy Summer Sale

We hope you all had a great Independence day! As the summer heats up, it's a great time to stock up on hot sauce. Our annual Spicy Summer Sale is running through July 11th, and we have a ton of delicious new sauces and seasonings.

You can see all of our sales here, but in particular we wanted to highlight a few standouts. 

  • Primo Garlic Crunch
    A totally different kind of condiment, Primo Garlic Crunch is pure organic garlic, fried to crispy perfection and coated in 7 Pot Primo powder. Fiery, garlicy, and extremely versatile, this was one of the most popular flavors among our beta testers.
  • NashSeoul Hot

    Stop me if you've heard this one... A Nashville style cayenne sauce and Korean Gochujang walk into a bar. The bartender says "hello" to Seed Ranch's newest sauce, which is absolutely incredible on everything from wings to rice bowls.

  • Mycelium
    One of the most unique sauces we've ever tried, with a mushroom that tastes subtly like maple, along with butternut squash and cedar-infused vinegar. You've got to try it to believe it.
  • Limited Edition Infinity Barrel Aged
    This collaboration with Infinity Sauces has been in the works for years. It all started with an oak barrel that held whiskey for 4 years. Then for 1 year it held stout beer. And then finally, for the last year it has aged this Habanero sauce, imparting all the complex flavors and perfectly melding with the savory mustard notes and sweetness of peaches.

That's just a taste of the options we have available. Don't sleep on the Peri Peri powder, which isn't overwhelmingly hot but has an incredible, versatile flavor. Plus, $5 Secret Aardvark is hard to top, many stores sell it for $10-11, and we're proud to have the best Aardvark price on the internet (even outside of sales).

Check it all out here: www.HeatHotSauce.com/SpicySummerSale

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