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Flat Rate $5.99 Shipping
Flat Rate $5.99 Shipping
Get A Printable Gift Note To Give Right Away
Get A Printable Gift Note To Give Right Away

Hot Sauce of the Month Club

The best hot sauces in the world, delivered to your door

Our Hot Sauce of the Month Club features expert curated picks that will impress the most selective connoisseur. Helpful pairing tips and tasting note cards in every box, plus members get exclusive perks like free shipping across our selection of 700+ sauces.

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Hot Sauce of the Month Club
We always ship unique full sized bottles, no minis or duplicates.
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Frequently asked questions

Boxes will ship within 1-2 days, but we're flexible if you'd like to start on a specific date. Just reply to your confirmation email with your prefered start date.

If you select a pre-paid gift order, your subscription will not auto-renew. Many people end up requesting to extend their gift subscriptions, but it's entirely your choice.

If you're purchasing a pay-as-you-go or non-gift subscription, it will auto-renew by default, but you can always turn this off with one click by selecting the "pause" button in your account.

No hoops to jump through, you can cancel anytime.

After your first box ships, future shipments go out on the 1st of the month. If you signed up in the first half of the month, you’ll get your second box on the immediate 1st (eg, if you sign up December 4th, your second shipment will be January 1st). If you sign up in the second half of the month, your second shipment will be on the following 1st (eg, if you sign up December 20th, your second shipment will be February 1st).

Renewals are processed on the 23rd of each month, prior to the shipment on the 1st - that gives us some time to deal with any billing issues, or modify shipping information.

No - you can choose heat levels, but part of the fun of the subscription is being pushed out of your comfort zone and trying things you might not have tried otherwise.

If you do want to pick and choose, our online shop is a great option, and we're always happy to provide recommendations based on your specifications. Remember, members get free shipping on all 700+ sauces we carry!

Yes we do!

For Canadian addresses, shipping is an additional $9.99 for 1 bottle memberships and $19.99 for 3 bottle memberships.

For all other countries, shipping is an additional $14.99 for 1 bottle memberships and $29.99 for 3 bottle memberships.

Note: International shipping times can be unpredictable, so we can’t make any timing guarantees.

Yes, absolutely. If you have a new shipping address, or want to change your heat level, simply message us using the chat or email to let us know.

Yes! At the end of the box building process, there are checkboxes under "dietary restrictions". Select vegan and/or gluten free and we'll make sure to exclude any sauces made with things like honey, or beer/soy sauce, respectively.

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Get to know us

Who We Are

We are two chileheads on a mission to share our passion for all things spicy. In 2013, we started Heat Hot Sauce Shop in Berkeley, where we offered daily tastings at our hot sauce tasting bar. Our experience giving tastings, going to hot sauce expos, and trying thousands of hot sauces has given us insight into flavors people like, and that experience informs our monthly selections for the Hot Sauce of the Month Club.