icon Hellfire Detroit Cabernet Habanero Reaper

Hellfire Detroit Cabernet Habanero Reaper

The unique combo of Cabernet wine and fire-roasted bell peppers gets a serious punch from Habaneros and Carolina Reapers. Olives and capers provide a savory finish. The perfect hot sauce to pair with a cheese plate. 

Heat Level: Extra Hot

Ingredients: Cabernet Sauvignon, Fire-Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Fire-Roasted Habanero, Red Wine Vinegar, Water, Tomato Paste, Olives, Onion, Non Pareilles Capers, Garlic, Sea Salt, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Olive Oil, Naturally Occurring Citric Acid.

May Contain Sulfites

Sodium: 50 mg

5 oz