icon Heat Roasted Habanero & Garlic

Heat Roasted Habanero & Garlic


We're excited to release our own take on a classic Habanero sauce. We deeply roasted fresh Habanero peppers until the skin was charred and the natural sweetness of the peppers was released, and paired that with roasted garlic and just a pinch of brown sugar and salt. It's rounded out with the bright tang and subtle sweetness of apple cider vinegar. An extremely versatile sauce, try it on pizza, tamales, or drizzle over hummus.

Limited Edition Version: the same classic ingredients in the original, but this time with a mix of Organic Red and Orange Habaneros grown especially for this sauce by The Farmer and The Cook in Ojai, California. A bit of extra heat and depth of flavor.

Heat Level: Hot

Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Roasted Habanero, Roasted Garlic, Brown Sugar, Salt. 

Sodium: 50 mg

5 oz