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Flat Rate $5.99 Shipping
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Hammah Gatah Hot Sauce

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Half Hammerhead Shark, half Alligator, the Hammah Gatah is the inaugural mythical creature of the 6 Fin Series. With a Southern inspired base, they add traditional Cajun seasoning and a hint of smoke. This sauce features the scorching heat of the Louisiana born 7-Pot Primo pepper, with a New England accent.

Heat Level: Extreme

Ingredients: Scorpion Pepper, Vinegar, Onion, Roasted Red Pepper (water, salt, citric acid), Molasses, Garlic, Celery, Habanero Pepper, Pineapple Juice, Banana, Tomato, Almond Flour, Sunflower Oil, Carolina Reaper Pepper, 7-Pot Primo Pepper, Chocolate Chili Powder (cacao nibs, chili, juniper berry, allspice, maple syrup), Seasonings, Liquid Smoke, Paprika, Salt, Coffee Puree, Spices. 

Sodium: 10 mg

5 oz