icon Everything But The Taco Hot Sauce

Everything But The Taco Hot Sauce

This limited release sauce from Seed Ranch Flavor Co. captures the magic of sitting down to a plate of tacos piled high with freshly chopped cilantro, onion, peppers, lime wedges and fiery salsa. Shake this up and pour on your favorite taco!

Heat Level: Mild

Ingredients: Pickled Jalapeño Blend (white vinegar*, jalapeño peppers+, red onion+, sea salt, raw coconut sugar*, cumin*, smoked paprika*), Filtered Water, Green Habanero Pepper*, Unseasoned Rice Vinegar+, Fresh Cilantro+, Garlic*, Avocado Oil*, Hominy (corn)*, Lime Juice+, Agar Agar*. 

*Organic Ingredients

+Non-GMO Ingredients 

5 oz