Beware Habanero Pepper Sauce - Marie Sharp's Heat Hot Sauce Shop
$ 3.99

Marie Sharp's Beware Habanero Pepper Sauce is packed with habanero, bright citrusy notes and added heat from capsicum oil. All of Marie Sharp's sauces are made in Belize and are famous for their consistent carrot based habanero and lime flavor. 

Heat Level: Hot (hottest of the Marie Sharps line)

Ingredients: Capsicum oil, Habanero Pepper mash, fresh carrots, Key lime juice, garlic, salt, onions and spices.

5 oz

High Sodium: Note that this sauce contains 410 mg of sodium per tsp, which makes it one of the saltiest sauces we carry. If you want a less salty version, try Marie Sharps milder sauces.