icon Akabanga Rwandan Chile Oil

Akabanga Rwandan Chile Oil

Akabanga is a one-of-a-kind chile oil imported from Rwanda. It has the pure flavor of Habanero, and a solid kick. It's great for cooking with or putting right on your food. 

Check out this article from The Cooking Channel about how Akabanga is the next cult-worthy hot sauce. Here's an excerpt:

"Look out, sriracha. If Akabanga ever makes it to the U.S.A., the heat will definitely be on. I mean, its little eyedropper bottle packaging alone could be cult-worthy, not to mention its unique flavor and kick."

Also check out this video from CNN on Akabanga. 

Heat Level: Medium-hot, depending on your tolerance.

Ingredients: Habanero (80%), Vegetable Oil (20%).

100 ml