October 20, 2017 1 min read

We've now offer three heat level options for our Hot Sauce of the Month Club. With all subscriptions, members get their choice of 1 or 3 bottles per month, with free add-on shipping from our entire online shop. But now members are able to choose between the following heat levels:

  • Mild/Medium - mellower sauces focusing on flavor, this option is great for people who want to avoid the crazy hot stuff.
  • Classic - a mix of all heat levels, from the milder ones to the very hottest sauces. Flavor is always the priority, but we won't shy away from serious heat.
  • Extra Hot - nothing but the very hottest sauces, from ghost peppers to carolina reapers. While we don't forget about flavor, these sauces will push your tolerance to the limit.

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