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Flat Rate $5.99 Shipping
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Get A Printable Gift Note To Give Right Away

Introducing Blogger-Curated Gift Sets

We asked some of our favorite hot sauce bloggers and reviewers to help us put together gift sets featuring their most highly regarded sauces. These folks have tried hundreds of hot sauces, so by tapping their expertise, we're making it that much easier to give the perfect gift to the Chilehead on your list!

Bill Moore, Youtube Reviewer

Bill Moore's Favorites
This set is designed by Bill Moore, a prolific YouTube reviewer (check out his channel here). It features a wide range of flavors, from the mellow, tangy Habanero Ancho sauce, to the extreme Pure Hell sauce. But no matter the heat level, every single sauce featured has some delicious flavor! Want some more heat? Check out Bill's Extreme 4-pack here, featuring only the hottest of the hot!

Scott Roberts, Podcaster and Blogger

Scott Roberts runs ScottRobertsWeb.com, home of the most comprehensive Scoville Scale on the web, and the Firecast, a chilehead podcast. His set features is a unique combination of sauces, from the CaJohn's sweet and smoky Bourbon Infused Chipotle Habanero Sauce, to Defcon's Wing Sauce (in his words "The best wing sauce there is. Period.")

Al Buddah Goldenberg, Blogger

Buddah's Gift Set
Buddah is the founder of ILoveItSpicy.com, a hot sauce review site with a great group of reviewers. Every year, Buddah awards his favorite sauces of the year the coveted "Lenny Award". This set combines 11 winners, combining a huge variety of flavors and heat levels. 

Kendall Stadler, Blogger

TastingTheHeat Gift Set
Kendall Stadler runs TastingTheHeat.com, which is full of great reviews, plus he does awesome weekly live-streams on his Facebook page. This set contains only sauces the received his highest 10/10 rating for flavor.
Stay tuned for more gift sets, including sets from ChileBrown of MadMeatGenius.com, and from reviewer ZinThePheonix.
Are you a blogger or reviewer? Contact us if you'd like to create your own set!

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