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How to make spicy popcorn at home - Heat

How to make spicy popcorn at home

We recently introduced 6 new spicy seasonings. And in the process of creating them, we ate hundreds of bowls of popcorn. Here are our tips for making spicy popcorn at home, using these or any other seasonings.

  1. Start with unseasoned popcorn. We like the old fashioned "whirley pop" style poppers, but air poppers or unseasoned microwavable popcorn will work great as well.
  2. Before seasoning, add oil or melted butter. For a rich taste and good seasoning application, using plenty of oil is key. We liked canola oil for it's neutral taste, but melted butter is delicious, and you can experiment with anything from olive oil, melted coconut oil, melted Earth Balance, or even melted beef tallow or duck fat. 
  3. Seasoning your popcorn in a closable container like a large tupperware is ideal. Shake it around once you apply the oil to help distribute it. Then add seasoning, close it again, and give it a few more good shakes.
  4. Careful when you open the top, as you might get a burst of spicy seasoning in the air. Letting it sit for a minute can help mitigate this. When ready, try the popcorn and continue to add seasoning to taste. 
  5. We went light on the salt in our seasonings, which helps with versatility in terms of adding to pre-salted snacks. But if you want a bit more salt, don't hesitate to add it along with the seasonings.
  6. Enjoy! And be sure to wash your hands to make sure you don't spread that spicy goodness to sensative places like your eyes.
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