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Spicy Summer Sale Has Been Extended | Warehouse Closed Monday-Tuesday
Spicy Summer Sale Has Been Extended | Warehouse Closed Monday-Tuesday
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Holiday Gift Guide: Sriracha Style Sauces

People often think of sriracha as a particular brand of sauce, but it's actually a style of sauce that originated in the town of Si Racha, Thailand. It was popularized by David Tran, a Vietnamese refugee who brought his recipe to Southern California, where it became a cult favorite. Sriracha style sauces are known for being sweet and garlicky. Know someone who loves sriracha? Get them some of these unique sriracha style sauces for the holidays. 

RI RA Rooster Sauce

Crazy Good Specialty Foods RI RA Rooster Sauce is designed to bring the garlicy sweetness of traditional sriracha sauce but with a more aggressive level of heat. This style of sriracha uses red jalapeno peppers, red serrano peppers, New Mexican red chiles and moruga scorpion peppers. 

Hot Winter Hinkelhatz

Hot Winter Hinkelhatz Hot Sauce is an organic sriracha style sauce. It uses Hungarian hot wax, hinkelhatz and hot winter peppers. Another unique quality of this sauce is the hot winter pepper. This pepper is the creation of Shaun Winter, who bred his own pepper after finding a rouge hot pepper in a field of mild Jimmy Nardellos. After 3 years, he perfected the hot winter pepper, a slightly sweet pepper with a slow building heat.

Yellowbird Blue Agave Sriracha

Yellowbird Blue Agave Sriracha uses organic blue agave instead of cane sugar like most sriracha sauces. The heat level of this sauce is medium-hot depending on your heat tolerance. 

Culley's Sriracha No.6

Culley's Sriracha No.6 is a fermented sriracha style sauce that uses red jalapenos and cayennes. This sauce adds lemon juice to give it more acidity than other sriracha sauces. 

Mad Dog Reaper Sriracha

Mad Dog Reaper Sriracha is by far the hottest sriracha sauce that we carry. It's made with an irresistible blend of super spicy, sweet and garlicky ingredients. The high heat level comes from Carolina Reaper chiles which are currently the hottest peppers in the world.  

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