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Holiday Gift Guide: Fruit Based Sauces

There's a huge variety of fruit based sauces out there. Every fruit imaginable has been turned into a delicious hot sauce. We've highlighted some of our favorite fruit based sauces for the person on your list who loves both sweet and spicy flavors. 

Blood Orange

High River Sauces Rogue is a sweet and spicy hot sauce with moruga scorpion peppers, jolokia peppers and a variety of fruits. The main fruity flavor comes from blood oranges but it also contains apples and pears. 


Marshall's Haute Sauce Ghost Chili Apple is a ghost pepper sauce that has honeycrisp apples and lemon juice. See all of our apple sauces here

Passion Fruit

PexPeppers Wave of Liliko'i Hot Sauce is the perfect blend of tangy and slightly sweet. This sauce has yellow manzano peppers and Liliko'i, also known as passion fruit.


Chiporro Sauces Wicked Hot is a habanero hot sauce that's bursting with fruity flavors. The main fruit in this sauce is guava but it also has banana, papaya and mango. See all of our guava sauces here


Angry Goat Pepper's Dark Swizzle Hot Sauce is a ghost pepper sauce that's fruity and reminiscent of a Dark n' Stormy cocktail. This sauce has pineapple, orange juice, pomegranate juice and lime juice. See all of our pineapple sauces here.


Heartbreaking Dawns Mango Habanero is a delicious sauce that's spicier than most mango sauces on the market. Scotch bonnet peppers add an extra kick but it's balanced out with mango and lime juice. See all of our mango sauces here


Fruits of Fire Hot Sauce is a super hot ghost pepper sauce. It has blackberries, lime juice and prickly pear juice. 


Fat Cat Strawberry Serrano is a mild serrano sauce made with strawberries, pineapple juice and lime juice. See all of our strawberry sauces here


Dark Heart Chili Sauces Cerise Sombre is a luscious sauce made with rich dried cherries, hazelnuts and cayenne peppers. It's phenomenal as an appetizer paired with fine cheese. See all of our cherry sauces here


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