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Get A Printable Gift Note To Give Right Away
Get A Printable Gift Note To Give Right Away

Stocking Stuffers

Hot sauce not only makes a great gift, it also makes a great stocking stuffer! 

1. Sriracha2Go 

Tired of carrying around a whole bottle of hot sauce in your backpack or purse? Try the Sriracha2Go keychain. Fill this with hot sauce and have it at the ready while you are traveling or out on the town. 

2. Mini Marie Sharp's Habanero Pepper Sauce

Marie Sharp's Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce is the most popular of the Marie Sharp's line. This sauce is perfect for anyone looking for a sauce with both great flavor and heat. 

3. Mini Formosa Chipotle 

Formosa Chipotle is a thick and creamy chipotle sauce made with tomatillos and cumin. Amazing on tacos!

4. Palo Alto Firefighter To-Go Packets

These to-go packets of Palo Alto Firefighters are a great way to take your hot sauce on the go!  Available in Original and XX Habanero.

5. Mini Harissa Tube

Try Entube's Harissa in a mini tube of the distinctive North-African chile paste - great for getting your spicy fix on-the-go.

6. Cut The Cap Anti-Capsaicin Goat's Milk Soap

Cut the Cap is an Artisanal Goat's Milk Soap that is specifically designed to remove capsaicin (the chemical that makes chiles spicy) from your skin. If you've ever chopped a habanero and then rubbed your eyes, you know why this is such a great idea. An ideal gift for people who love to grow chiles and cook chiles.

7. Hot Sauce Tasting Book

This little book is for connoisseurs who want to take note of every hot sauce they try. Complete with a flavor wheel, a space for notes, and a heat meter, this book has everything you need to document your collection. Plus, a small amount real hot sauce is added to the ink in each new edition.

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