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Spicy Summer Sale Has Been Extended | Warehouse Closed Monday-Tuesday
Spicy Summer Sale Has Been Extended | Warehouse Closed Monday-Tuesday
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5 Hot Sauces with International Flavors

While we love the huge variety of locally made sauces we carry, sometimes it's nice to incorporate international flavors into your sauce line-up to mix things up. Here are 5 of our favorites. 

1. Entube Harissa - Morocco

 Entube Harissa

Harissa is a North African/Middle Eastern chile paste with a vibrant blend of spices that pairs well with kebabs and hummus. Harissa Entube is an authentic take on this classic condiment, made with organic cayenne and paprika, as well as a secret blend of herbs and spices.

2. We Rub You Gojuchang - Korea

Korean Gochujang
Gochujang is a unique Korean condiment made with fermented chiles, rice, and soybeans. It has been traditionally made in Korea for hundreds of years using earthen pots. We Rub You's Gochujang is made by two Korean-American sisters in the US, and won Gold in the 2013 Sofi Awards.

3. Formosa - Mexico

Formosa Chipotle
Formosa Chipotle is a unique sauce that's made using an authentic Mexican recipe passed down through generations of the Lopez family. It has a distinctive creamy consistency that pairs well with tacos, burgers, and sandwiches.

4. Rhino Peri Peri - Africa

Rhino Peri Peri sauce is made using a special strain of Peri Peri chile grown in Botswana and Mozambique. These small but powerful chiles are then blended with roasted tomatoes, garlic, and a blend of spices. The classic use for Peri Peri sauce is as a marinade for chicken, but it also pairs well with pork and slathered over fish tacos.

5. Bandar Spicy Mango - India

Bandar Spicy Mango
Bandar Spicy Mango is a unique take on mango pickle, based on the centuries old pickling tradition of Achar. A complex blend of Indian spices makes Spicy Mango best suited for Indian curries, but it also makes a surprisingly tasty dipping sauce for french fries.
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