The 12 Most Unique & Flavorful Hot Sauces

September 27, 2014

Dark Heart Chili Sauce The Abyss

 1. Dark Heart Chili Sauce - The Abyss

Walnut Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Cayenne and Roasted Garlic

The Abyss is truly a one-of-a-kind sauce. Chilies roasted in Walnut and Hazelnut oils with plenty of garlic, one taste and you'll be hooked. This is the perfect sauce to pair with cheeses for a gourmet appetizer, and it packs a serious punch for a cayenne sauce.  If you aren't sure how to cook with it, you can actually send Joel an email and he will give you personalized cooking advice!


2. Heartbreaking Dawns - Cauterizer  

With Blueberries, Apricot Preserves

One of the hottest on this list, Cauterizer is a well crafted blend of Trinidad Scorpion peppers, blueberries, apricot preserves, honey, and soy sauce. While that may sound like a strange combo, Johnny at Heartbreaking Dawn's worked his magic on this sauce, giving it the perfect amount of sweetness to balance out the serious heat. All of the other Heartbreaking Dawns sauces are great too.  

Chicaoji Hot Sauce

3. Chicaoji


Chipotle Sauce with Goji Berries & Cacao Nibs

We have been a huge fan of Chicaoji since first trying it 2 years ago. This unique sauce has a creative blend of smokiness from chipotle chilies, acidity from apple cider vinegar, sweetness from goji berries, and the distinctive nutty flavor of cacao nibs. Chicaoji is also an entirely raw sauce, preserving the probiotics in the apple cider vinegar, and it is made with 100% organic ingredients.



Lucky Dog Dia Del Perro

4. Lucky Dog - Dia Del Perro 

Tomatillo-Serrano Sauce with Alerwood-Smoked Sea Salt and Toasted Onion

Scott's newest sauce is absolutely amazing. Rich, smokey, flavorful, everything you could ask for in a sauce. The tomatillo comes through crisply, the smoked flavor is not overwhelming but compliments the other flavors, and it still features the rich onion and garlic flavors that is so characteristic of all Lucky Dog's sauces. If you want more heat, check out his tasty Black Label, made with Scorpion Peppers, Apples and Figs.

Hot Winter


5. Hot Winter Hot Sauce

Organic Fermented Chile Sauce

Hot Winter is a delicious fermented chile sauce made in Portland. It is made by Shaun Winter, who bred his own pepper after finding a rogue hot pepper in a field of mild Jimmy Nardello peppers. He grew out the seeds over multiple generations, and the result was the Hot Winter pepper. This sauce is blended coarsely, giving it a nice chunky consistency that makes it great for cooking with. 



6. High River Sauces - Rogue

Blood Orange Scorpion Pepper Sauce

Rogue is a perfect example of a super-hot sauce with great flavor. You get the sweet tang of the blood oranges upfront, and then the slow heat of the Trinidad Scorpion kicks in. This is the sort of sauce that I find myself eating by the chipful until I have a glorious endorphin rush.


Paul's Haba Haba

7. Paul's Haba Haba


Curry Sauce with Mango and Mustard

Haba Haba is mild for a habanero sauce, but it brings serious flavor. The sweetness of mango comes first, followed by a complex curry flavor and a hint of mustard reminiscent of the classic Caribbean style sauce. Use as a marinade for chicken or tofu, or just pour over anything that could use a nice curry flavor.


Yin Yang Hot Sauce

8. Yin Yang Hot Sauce

Sweet and Smokey Mild Habanero Sauce

Yin Yang hot sauce achieves that rare balance of sweet and smokey that is super satisfying. It is reminiscent of a concentrated BBQ sauce, though despite the smoked habaneros, this sauce really isn't crazy hot. The sweetness comes from "organic fruit," but when we asked what kind of fruit, they told us it's a secret recipe. Whatever the secret ingredient is, it's delicious. 



Secret Aardvark

9. Secret


Habanero Hot Sauce with Roasted Tomatoes and Carrots

Secret Aardvark is a cult classic made in Portland, Oregon. It is a Caribbean/Tex-mex fusion sauce with habaneros, roasted tomato, mustard, carrots, and onions. It has a nice level of sweetness and a bit of tanginess from white wine vinegar. It tastes great on most foods, but especially pizza, wings, and beans! 



Pretty Dog Hot Sauce 10. Pretty Dog - Naga Jolokia

With Meyer Lemon, Fresh Sage, and Honey

Pretty Dog Hot Sauce's Naga Jolokia (ghost pepper) sauce has a fiery hot kick and a rich smokey flavor with subtle sweetness provided by the honey. The Meyer lemon adds a brightness to the sauce and the sage compliments the unique ghost pepper flavor. This sauce does not sacrifice flavor for heat! Sadly, this sauce is out of stock right now, but we will be the first ones to get it when they are back in production.




11. Caribbe

an Sunrise Hot Sauce

Barbados style Mustard Sauce

Caribbean Sunrise, formerly known as Lottie's, is a seriously addicting Bajan mustard sauce. We've tried a lot of mustard sauces, and none come close to this one. It is seriously hot with a blend of Habaneros and Scotch Bonnet peppers. If you don't think you like mustard sauces, this sauce may very well change your mind!







12. Humboldt Hot Sauce Island Style 




With Guava, Pineapple, and Guava


Island Style is a multiple award winning habanero sauce made with a blend of Guava, Pineapple, Mango, and Banana. This thick and fruity sauce has a great flavor without being too sweet.  The heat level is medium to hot, depending on your tolerance. Great on Indian food or fish tacos!

  This is just a small sampling of our huge selection. If you can't choose between all this tasty sauces, you can always join the Hot Sauce of the Month Club. That way you get shipments of amazing artisan hot sauces delivered to your door every month!



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