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Dark Heart Chile Sauce

September 08, 2014

Dark Heart Chile Sauce is a line of flavorful sauces that use nut oils such as walnut and hazelnut oil to provide a rich, vinegar-free base. They combine these oils with dried chiles, nuts, and a wide variety of wildly creative ingredients. We carry 3 varieties of Dark Heart Chili Sauce:

      • The Abyss - A rich savory sauce made with walnut and hazelnut oils, along with tomato and plenty of garlic.
      • Le Diablo Cacao - A mild and slightly sweet sauce with Cacao Nibs, Dates, & Walnut Oil. Try it with graham crackers and peanut butter or on ice cream! 
      • Chillies Erotique - A delicate and complex sauce made with Rosewater, & Cardamom, with a very mellow heat level.

Joel and Yvette make these very tasty sauces in Kensington, about 10 minutes from our shop.


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