National Hot Sauce Day Freebies

Happy National Hot Sauce Day! To celebrate this awesome holiday, we've decided to give away some fiery freebies with any purchase. Choose 1 freebie per $20 spent: Whole Dried Carolina Reaper Pods, the worlds hottest pepper. Comes with 3 pods. Sriracha2Go Container, the classic keychain sauce container. Fill with any...

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Stocking Stuffers

Hot sauce not only makes a great gift, it also makes a great stocking stuffer!    1. Sriracha2Go  Tired of carrying around a whole bottle of hot sauce in your backpack or purse? Try the Sriracha2Go keychain. Fill this with hot sauce and have it at the ready while you are...

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Cyber Monday Deals

First of all, get FREE Shipping on any US order over $45 with code 'CyberMonday'. Freebies Choose 1 freebie per $20 spent. Just request your choices in the order notes. Mini Harissa Tube - A great way to sample this distinctive chile paste without committing to a full bottle. Also...

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