Hot Winter Matchbox (limited edition) - Hot Winter Heat Hot Sauce Shop
$ 8.99

Hot Winter's limited edition Matchbox sauce is made with organically grown heirloom peppers, which are fermented and coarsely blended to create a distinctive pepper-forward sauce.

"The Matchbox represents seceral years of effort by Roberta Bailey to create an open-pollinated version of the 'Super Chili'. While hybrid varieties, like the 'Super Chili', often have interesting or valuable traits, a farmer must rely on commercial seed companies to furnish a continued supply. In taking time to de-hybridize this cultivar, R. Bailey offers fans of the 'Super Chili' to take plant security into their own hands." - From the label.

Heat Level: Medium

Ingredients: Organic Chiles (Serrano, Matchbox, Kaylee's Smile), Organic Rice and Cider Vinegars, Organic Cane Sugar, Kosher Salt, Organic Hardneck Garlic.

6 oz