Hot Winter Fish Pepper (limited edition) - Hot Winter Heat Hot Sauce Shop
$ 8.99

Hot Winter's limited edition Fish Pepper sauce is made with organically grown heirloom peppers, which are fermented and coarsely blended to create a distinctive pepper-forward sauce.

From the label: "Recognized as an important heirloom by Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste project, the 'Fish' pepper was originally popularized by African American chefs in the oyster and crabhouses of the Chesapeake Bay. Donated to the Seed Saver Exchange in 1947 by Horace Pippin of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Gardeners love the beautiful variegated coloring. Our fermented 'Fish' pepper sauce has a bright, floral taste with an orange tang, robust heat, and low sugar level."

Heat Level: Hot

Ingredients: Organic Fish Pepper, Organic Rice and Cider Vinegars, Kosher Salt, Organic Hardneck Garlic, Organic Sugar.

6 oz