Green Label Limited Edition w/ Ghost Pepper - Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Heat Hot Sauce Shop
$ 9.49

Lucky Dog's Limited Edition Green Label has all the great flavor of the original, but with a touch of Ghost Pepper Infused Sea Salt for an added kick. Like the original, it also features Jalapeño, Serrano and mild Cayenne peppers with sweet roasted garlic. Plus the carrots, onion and white vinegar give it a tangy quality that compliments the Jalapeños perfectly.  

Heat Level: Medium

Ingredients: Water, Chiles (jalapeno and serrano), Onion, Roasted Garlic, Distilled White Vinegar, Carrot Juice, Ghost Pepper Infused Sea Salt, Agave Syrup, Carrot, Cayenne Pepper, Lime Juice Concentrate.

8.5 oz