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Redditor-Made Hot Sauce 5 Pack

Gift Set

This set is comprised entirely of awesome redditor-made hot sauces. There are a wide variety of heat levels and flavors, from the mellow HotMaple to the fiery PexPeppers.

This pack includes the following sauces:

  • Lucky Dog's Heat's A Peach, made with scorpion peppers, peaches and roasted garlic.
  • HotMaple, a unique smokey combination of habaneros and a dash of Grade A Maple Syrup.
  • Wuju Extra Hot Sauce, a sweet and spicy curry style sauce with some mango and mustard. 
  • Sam & Oliver's Mind Flay, a Carolina Reaper based sauce with strawberries. 
  • PexPepper's To The Moon, a pepper-forward sauce made with red habaneros and smoked ghost peppers.

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